Carypto project is divided into two ways: D2E (Driver to Earn) App and Big data related to Drive.

This chapter is about the content related to the Carypto App, which is the basis of D2E.

MultiBUS application is for all drivers all around the world.

Carypto aims to be a multiverse blockchain project that connects the metaverse and the real world.

Anyone can own NFTized car through the Carypto App and mine the Carypto Coin by driving in the real world through GPS – All mined Carypto Coin brings great profits to all drivers.

And BIGDATA is consisted of a “blockchain-based mobility social safety net.”

CARYPTO is made based on driving, which is a daily activity for drivers.

The CARYPTO team is the first project to implement the concept of driving activity and income based on blockchain, which is a blockchain project that generates income just by driving

The driver owns NFT-implemented car through the CARYPTO APP and earns game money if driving daily, and it can be used in the game or exchanged into cash.

In other words, it means the realization of Multibus which is linked with the virtual world (Metabus) and the real world of driving activity through the APP.

#Reference: CARYPTO is currently in the process of development, thus the content of the white paper may be changed in the future.

Game token(App Token) : Carto

Big Data Governance Token: Carnot (to be announced later)

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