4-B. Technology of Safe Driving Service

Platform for safe driving services for an aging society based on cognitive load

  • Designing driving records, driving patterns and data models

  • Development of biometric data-based driving/identification load measurement algorithm by drivers

  • Visualization service for driving and cognitive loads

Development of Integrated Device Technology for Safe Driving Services for Aging Society Based on Cognitive Load

  • Image-based cognitive load/operating load sensing technology

  • Creating data by combining eye-tracking and image segmentation technologies

  • Deep Learning-based image segmentation technology

Development of cognitive enhancement interaction technology for transportation-disadvantaged groups

  • Developing technology to elicit driver-specific recognition/ judgment models and provide information-Developing technology to cope with driving conditions and risks

  • Developing UI/UX interface technology for analysis-based driving conditions and risk management

  • Developing UI/UX technology for safe connection service use by the transportation- disadvantaged groups

  • Applying driver input technology for friendly connected services of transportation-disadvantaged groups

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