Eco System

For a complex ecosystem associated with mobility, the Carypto eco-Mobility (CeM) Platform, a blockchain-based platform creates a mobility ecosystem that connects multiple partners together.

The mobility data market is composed of public networks (roads, communications, weather), vehicle companies (car companies, rental cars, maintenance companies), communities (municipalities, emergency medical institutions and related organizations), which create the blockchain CALYPTO ecosystem group (Carypto Group) and service companies (insurance company, telecom company, big data company) that use mobility data will participate, and it will commercialize mobility big data based on blockchain technology.

The expected effect of introducing blockchain is primarily on the integration of mobility big data and streamlining processes for data utilization, including data purchases and revenue distributions, in which mobility companies can quickly and easily capture and analyze a variety of mobility data from numerous users who participate in the blockchain ecosystem, providing new mobility services and enabling data to be managed and used without separate servers.

Insurance companies will be able to obtain safe driving data linked to UBI, create elderly driver insurance policies that are needed in an aging society, and design driver insurance packages for passengers with autonomous driving cars.

In addition, through a smart contract that is pre-coded based on blockchain, the operating data provider can conveniently establish a settlement system that is automatically calculated and paid when the reason for the return on the utilization of mobility data occurs. It improves mobility data management and leads to reduction in time and costs.

Mobility data delivered and shared within the mobility block chain ecosystem will be provided and shared through thorough verification and stability assurance of tampering to prevent fraud and manipulation with fake data. It will simplify data distribution and increase reliability, resulting in significant time and cost savings compared to pre-blockchain times.

These mobility blockchain ecosystems can ensure stable operation and sustainability through transparent and fair systems, and will provide institutional devices such as suspension of transactions to illegal nodes through smart contracts and replacing nodes through voting to prevent external forces from manipulating and collating their accounts.

1st) Maker, insurance company, rental car, used car, shop 2nd) Hospital, 119, Lexa.

3rd) Policy Implication, Big Data Analysis

Positioning of Various Business Models

Personal Channels (B2C)

  • Establish a stable sales network in the new black box market (about 300,000 units per year)

  • Recommend driver-centered health care products based on driver's health information

  • 'Rental model' or 'advertised model' of an integrated device providing safe driving diagnosis service-

Corporation Channels (B2B)

  • 'Channel model' for customer maintenance/management of insurance and telecommunication companies

  • 'Human management model' for vehicles and drivers in the public sector with elderly drivers-

Public Channels (B2G)

  • Basic data provided to establish policies for social safety networks such as elderly drivers

  • Big Data Analysis and Virtual Simulation through the Safe Driving Platform

Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

  • Provide insurance companies with the Big Data needed to develop UBI customized insurance based on customer segmentation

  • Calculate and quantify the driver's operating load based on the in-dash device

  • Develop customized insurance products based on big data of driving habits

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