⚡Charging unit

Concepts of CW(Carypto Watt)

Carypto Watts is the energy needed to use the app. The app uses Carypto Wat as the abbreviation CW

Fuel (CW) must be purchased (recharged) by paying CARNOT Token. CARNOT tokens can be converted from Inapp to coins supported by Carypto App, such as CART Token and BNB.

The CW replenishes 25% every 6 hours until the CW recoverable maximum is reached.

The user starts with one NFT item and two CW(Carypto Watt) available in the app. The user can increase the maximum value.

CW1 measures the travel distance for 10 minutes and provides a CART token.

The vehicle is equipped with NFT items that match the speed to receive the appropriate CART token when moving.

If the speed is not correct for the NFT item installed, only CW will be consumed and no CART tokens will be paid.

Additional CW are provided to users who own more class of transportation.

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