Earnings by driving

For example, if you own a Carypto NFT car and drive, you will be rewarded with 0.18 tokens (CART) tokens per 1KM. (1.8 CART tokens per 10KM are rewarded).


Converting 10CART to CARNOT Token, charging 10CW of electricity and driving at a constant speed means that you get 18CART and get 8CART.
(The values ​​of CART Token and CARNOT Token are equivalent in real time and converted with one click)
(This is because CART Token and CARNOT Token are separated from fuel charging and compensation)


Assume that the transaction price of 1 CART is 1$/CART and drive at a constant speed of 20KM per day, Then 20$ (=20 CART) will be charged and you get 36 CART (=36$), and t 18$/day as a profit.

If you keep driving for 30 days a month, you will earn 540 CART (540 $).

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