The item can be used to increase the value of the means of transportation.

If successful, the capability value will be improved, and if the equipment reinforcement fails, the corresponding means of transportation will have a reinforcement value of -1.

If it fails at 0, it becomes 0.

To strengthen transportation?

E-quote items are acquired on the move Available in a lucky box or store.

The cost of reinforcement will be 2CW spent and can be changed through advance notice when token price rises or falls

E-quote Item

E-quote items can be strengthened by one step.

Points to note when strengthening items

Item enhancement has a chance of success and failure.


You can obtain a higher grade of transportation by synthesizing transportation.

Higher ratings add to equipment capability and effectiveness.

The highest grade item cannot be synthesized.

The highest grade item cannot be synthesized.For the synthesis, 5 transports of the same grade are required

Synthesis costs are 1CW consumed and can be changed through prior notice when token prices rise or fall.

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