3. Team Mode

Team mode is a mode in which people from all over the world participate at the same time, and the team that completes all of the specific quests wins and receives rewards. You can apply for participat

Conditions for Participation

Participation is possible only if you own at least 5 transportation vehicles. The day of the week is 10 a.m. on Monday and Friday based on UTC. You can apply for the preparation 10 minutes before the process.

Default Rules

  • It will run for 10 minutes.

  • The quest list is exposed, and the team that performs many quests in time wins.

  • CW consumption, CART token acquisition, oil reduction, and lucky box acquisition are not possible during the quest.

Conditions of victory

  • You have completed and completed more quests than your opponents

  • You have completed more quests at the end of the time limit

Order of progress

  • 'Apply to participate' → 'Team formation' → 'Quest progress' → 'Results' in four order.

Application for participation

  • You can apply for participation by clicking the top right menu in the game (≡) → Team Mode → Join


  • The quest is exposed at the same time as it begins.

  • If the quest conditions are met while driving, the quest progress is automatically activated and completed automatically when completed.


  • On the Team Mode Results page, you can view team wins and losses, scores earned, and rewards.

  • Rewards are team rewards and personal rewards.

Team Rewards

  • 1st place is 10 CW, 2nd place is 5CW, 3rd place is 3CW, 4th place is 1CW.

Personal Rewards

  • 1st place is a lucky box

  • 2nd place, 5W

  • 3rd place, 2W

  • One of them is a lucky box


  • After entering, it is not possible to move to other modes and check other menus such as stores and garages.

  • If the GPS signal is weak, it may deviate from team mode progression.

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