Automobile Manufacturing (CAR-Self Minting)

CARPTO APP provides an opportunity for users to create new cars by minting themselves.

Based on the two NFTs that you’ve own, you will get a “garage” for “growth”, and the garage door created in this way will open 24 hours after minting and you will get the car.

(The type of car obtained at this time is randomly selected by the algorithm. The algorithm will be revealed later).

A certain amount of CART tokens is required for self-minting, and a part of the paid self-minting tokens are sent to the ‘incineration plant’, and the incineration rate is announced through the APP.

(This plays a key role in increasing the value of tokens and sustainability of the ecosystem in Carypto.)

Each car is limited to 6 times of self-minting, and the higher the number of minting, the higher the chance of obtaining a high-level NET car)

NFT CAR & Walker Minting Cost

As the number of minting increases, the ability and value of the NFT increases, and after 6 rounds, you will get the highest level of capabilities.

NFTs obtained by self-minting can be operated by yourself, or you can sell or rent them to others to earn additional profits.

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