• Socialsafetynetbasedonbigdata(SafeDrivingPlatform) - SmartdatacollectionthroughIoT device

  • Machinelearning(AI)algorithmforbigdataanalysisandreasoning

  • Globalstandardmodelingforsafedriving

  • ConnectingwithUBI(Usage-basedInsurance)

Modeling service of smart aptitude test standard through big data analysis

  • Aptitude modeling of safe driving by collecting and analyzing health information of elderly drivers

  • Distribution modeling of safe driving by age group using Big Data

  • Building an integrated service system by combining dispersed data

  • Establishing elderly drivers' service based on quantitative data rather than qualitative judgment-New itemization for health information used in sports or medicine to be applied to drivers

  • Proposing smart aptitude test data modeling to replace traditional passive aptitude tests

Smart Vehicle Inspection Service through Analysis of Vehicle Driving Data

  • Vehicle durability measurement through vehicle data collection and analysis

  • Predicting the duration of a vehicle's serviceability and modelling the optimal driving mode

  • Vehicle health monitoring by collecting and analyzing vehicle data such as OBD and black boxes

Personalized safety operation diagnosis and pattern analysis service

  • Real-time data analysis and recommendation system through sensors and networks

  • Safe driving guide through analysis of driver's health information

  • Personalized operation patterns are presented through the operation load algorithm

  • Convergence analysis system that combines various variables such as weather and road conditions, in addition to vehicle and health information

  • Calculation of driving load through comprehensive considerations of driver actions and driving conditions

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