The Expected Effect of the Blockchain-based Mobility Platform

A) Technical Aspects

  • Establishing policies for safe driving based on objective and scientific data

  • Transforming futuristic blockchain technology into a business in the mobility domain.

  • Advanced equipment such as smart devices and advanced sensors that collect and analyze vehicle information

  • Establishing a scientific and systematic service based on analysis of safe driving big data

  • Real-time, cloud-based monitoring to respond to driver changes.

  • Standardization of safe driving data through data modeling of driving patterns and safe driving

B) Economic Aspects

  • Developing and expanding secondary and tertiary services through deployment on a mobility platform.

  • Building and operating large platforms on blockchain at lower costs

  • Reducing and decreasing social costs for traffic congestion, accident handling, etc.

  • Unified operations for all mobility-related data

(vehicle information, driver biometrics, surrounding environment information)

  • Blocking social conflicts with data-based analysis system

  • Breaking down barriers to service entry by overcoming antipathy and distrust in customers providing of personal information through blockchain.

C) Social Aspects

  • Spreading consensus on social safety networks by participating in mobility platforms

  • Instructing safe driving administratively and encouraging driver voluntary participation, not regulations.

  • Based on blockchain, users voluntarily participating and increasing profits

  • Reorganizing industrial structure and reinforcing complementary elements for social network in preparation for the aging era

  • Inducing social consensus on safe driving and traffic regulations

  • Presenting an empirical model for separating personal and non-personal information

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