CARNOT Token is used for 100% ecosystem support.
90% is used for CW (fuel) purchase, 5% is used for Lucky Box, 5% is used for user support, and is immediately incinerated after use. In addition, the half-life of the incinerated amount is operated by an algorithm

Carnot Token half-life equation

Carnot Token is burned after being used as fuel (CW), and the burning continues until 20% of the token amount remains. This burning process takes place over a total of 1459 days, and if any remaining amount is not burned during this period, it will be burned at once after 1459 days. In this process, Carnot Token’s value acquires a rapid scarcity value.

The usage method of the remaining 20% of Carnot Tokens after this burning process does not change and continues to be used for fuel and user support.

Carnot Token’s half-life equation is as follows

Carnot Token (100%) is burned after use, and every time 10% is burned, the decrease speed slows down by 10%, which is converted by the geometric sequence formula, and the overall half-life equation takes place over 1459 days. Here, depending on the fuel usage rate, it is expressed as a variable (x) value. (A total of 22 short-term half-life adjustment periods are passed through to leave a remaining amount of 20%)

Carnot Token’s half-life equation is as follows

100% - (x + x * (0.9) + x * (0.9)^2 + … + x * (0.9)^1459) = 20%

n = (log(20%) - log(100%)) / log(0.9 x 0.9 ^ (n-1))

x = 1000 - y * z z = a * (0.9)^(y/10) y = 1460

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