The automobile industry, which was the leader of the industrial age, has achieved remarkable growth over the past century and has created a vast number of related industries and jobs, including advanced R&D/technology, mass production, global transportation/ logistics, systematic maintenance, stable operating networks, finance,

rental cars and heavy vehicles. In today's society, automobiles are not merely means of transportation but also serve as the infrastructure and services related to human rights, the right to travel and maintain social stability. With the emergence of technology convergence and new services combined with IcT equipment in the traditional automotive technologies, the recent examples of autonomous vehicles and eco-friendly, electric vehicle technologies show that the auto-industry is expected to grow further in the future as the core of the fourth industrial revolution and newly-growing engines. But the traditional car industry and the newly emerging IT services face the following problems:

  • Explosive growth in the number of vehicles

  • Mass production of elderly drivers by entering into an aged society

  • Vehicle emissions and environmental pollutions

  • Problems with vehicle inspection methods

  • Problems with the criteria for issuing driver's license

  • Vehicle maintenance and reliability of used vehicles

  • Confidence in vehicle maintenance

  • Safety operation according to driving habits

  • Problems with reckless drivers, etc.

There is a limitation that they cannot be connected with major IoT technologies and activated in entire newly developed mobility ecosystem

We have been constantly pondering the growth potential and limitations of the automotive industry, both the commercial and social aspects, and we believe that the results from our past experiences tell us that innovative and wonderful 'blockchain' technology should transform our cars from mechanical products to a new mobility platform for more prosperous and safe lives of humans.

It is going to collect huge amount of safety information such as driver's health, vehicle condition, and driving environment through variety of high-tech smart devices such as wearable equipments and IoT sensors, analyze and diagnose Big Data through Machine

Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and establish mobility safety network platforms such as drivers and self-driving people in real time.

By separating the driver's personal information and operation information, the company will thoroughly protect personal information, integrate operation information through transparent, distributed accounts of blockchain, and analyze and diagnose in real-time through AI to maintain the social mobility safety network more conveniently and safely.

To achieve this, we are preparing a blockchain cryptocurrency called Carypto Coin to enable users and services to participate in the blockchain mobility ecosystem, and to provide an innovative CeM (Carypto eco Mobility, Carypto Safety Mobility) platform that links all of the previous services related to automobiles and mobility into one ecosystem.

In this CEM platform, numerous organizations and people related to services in different areas, as well as key data that has been distributed such as vehicles, driving, accidents and maintenance, are all connected together within the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency, with explosive growth and increasing popularity, has a high potential value as a substitute of, not as a complementary tool to, an existing centralized system, and is considered as the most innovative technology since the Internet and as the direct tool that can change our world.

Blockchain technology is recognized as a new technology that will change society completely following the Information Revolution of the Internet, and cryptocurrency that utilizes blockchain technology is working as a core technology that will change the principles of financial system of the past thousands of years.

Blockchain has begun to expand widely to be applied to entire industries beyond specific industrial sectors and is preparing to change all service areas, including accounting, real estate, insurance, and commodity distribution monitoring systems, and to change decision-making systems like shareholder meetings and electronic voting, and even democratic election systems.

Until now, if cryptocurrencies were focused on creating innovative economic structures such as new business models and profits, the new blockchain, "Mobility Crypto Coin," will be transformed into an expanded mobility platform that encompasses autonomous driving cars for the first time in the world, cannot be systematically monopolized through decentralization, protect personal information, and efficiently collect, analyze the tremendous amount of driving information coming from various sources of mobility.

For transparent and democratic operation, an organization is designed to be operated based on decision making by majority through voluntarily presenting suggestions and votes. To do so, we will grant the right to vote to Carypto Coin to build an innovative and democratic operating system that combines the profits and operations of Coin = voting rights and open the world of a transparent and sustainable democratic platform for future generations.

The new system, based on blockchain and cryptocurrency, is not a real currency issued by a national institution like the dollar or euro, and since the data is not concentrated in servers of certain institutions, the personal information can be managed separately. A decentralized distributed system that can operate all transactions transparently and cost-efficiently, creating an optimal solution for the fourth industrial revolution and revolutionizing the long-held automobile industry.

To implement a new mobility platform, it needs not only an understanding of technologies such as automobiles and IoT, but also insight and strategies to prepare for a new future society and an aging era.

It's never easy but in fact, very difficult to prepare for the unprecedented world that we've never seen against the conservative attitudes of the giant car makers and the new mobility that's not fully matured.

In order to introduce a mobility platform, a comprehensive system that embraces transportation infrastructure such as roads, urban policies, cars, various technologies such as human and artificial intelligence and drivers and pedestrians, as well as social policies such as data processing, personal information protection and security, is essential.

Only through this integrated technology and capability that we possess and are preparing, the blockchain-based mobility ecosystem can be innovatively introduced and sustained.

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