P2E game environment

The P2E market has been highlighted in the flow of the fourth industrial revolution and blockchain econo

However, negative opinions about market growth and sustainability are revealed among the opinions of participants on the existing P2E games.

A few of them are summarized as below:

Negative opinions from those who have experienced P2E games

  1. It is similar to Ponzi scheme (If the number of inflows decreases due to the limit of attraction factors, it will plummet or stop)

  2. It is not possible to be positive from a long-term perspective.

  3. Users are treated as financial backer

  4. Initial capital is required to start the game.

  5. Recovering ROI is time consuming

  6. Hit and run in the beginning to earn the money

  7. It’s not fun, but I have to keep doing something.

  8. It cannot be positive from a long-term perspective.

  9. Users are viewed simply as money wallets

  10. Initial capital is quite necessary to enter the game.

  11. Recovery of ROI is time consuming

  12. Start early, earn moderately, and lose

  13. It's not fun, but you have to keep doing something.

The followings are how to resolve the above negative opinions.

  1. The market should be large enough.

  2. The influx of users should be infinite and there should be a system in which mid- and late-period enterers will not be discriminated.

  3. There should be a system that even non-capitalists can participate and earn profits

  4. Users should not be bothered (a structure should be prepared that can be driven unconsciously).

The CARYPTO Project is established to eliminate negative market conditions and negative factors and implement a sustainable D2E Multibus platform.

And CARPTO D2E game is designed with the simplest and predictable structure so that anyone can easily participate and operate.

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