CART Token

Coin Introduction

We are planning to issue Carypto Coin to develop the Carypto System and operate a global ecosystem of a secure and scalable Carypto Mobility Platform.

Coin Name : Carypto Coin (Abbreviation: CART)

Coin Type : Utility coin based on BEP20

Carypto Coin is a proof of rights such as revenue distribution and voting rights, and is a utility coin that can be useful in a wide range of platforms provided by Carypto in the future.

Use of Sale Proceeds

The Carypto Coin sold will be used as a fund for the development and expansion of the Carypto Eco-system, and the development items consist of various devices to collect Carypto data and modeling center to analyze the data. Also it will be used to provide safe operation data, construct compensation system, and develop various block chain-based dApp services.

The marketing division conducts activities such as promoting various online and offline activities, recruiting experience groups, advertising, community operations and management to expedite the stabilization of the Carypto Platform and revitalize the mobility ecosystem.

Strategic sector includes variety of partnerships and collaborations to provide devices and services optimized for a global platform Carypto and is responsible for expanding the ecosystem and securing technologies and manpower through M&A and cooperation with variety of organizations such as wearable device manufacturers, IoT companies, and personalized healthcare.

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