Type of cars

There are four NFTs to choose from, depending on the total cost of the vehicle (fuel consumption). (The amount of compensation is variable)


Fuel efficiency(Km/CW)

Standard of compensation

GPS operation standard

Sports Car


0.16 CART / CW

Driving distance

Daily Car


0.18 CART / CW

Driving distance

Economy Car


0.2 CART / CW

Driving distance



0.2 CART / CW

Driving distance

The CART revenue of the above four types of NFTs is not fixational and may fluctuate depending on the following factors.

  1. Efficiency, tuning, repair, and driving habits depending on NFT type

  2. GPS signal strength: In situations where the GPS signal strength is significantly low or indivisible, users may not be able to earn profits.

For the first operation after minting the NFT car, 5CW of electricity must be charged and the mining compensation is not made at 0 CW when it is completely discharged (even if the car is operated.)

  • All CART paid for repair and tuning of NFT car is sent to an incineration plant.

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