3-B. Device

1) Environmental analysis

Change of vehicle device

  • Fundamental changes of the device, not just adding complex functions

  • Making a transition from feature-driven (product-based) to service-based products.

  • Platform in which device and S/W are integrated on a cloud-based technology

  • (Real-time) Collecting information > Data analysis > Establishing the basis for behavioral recommendations

Expanding the automatic collection methods of data on safe driving

  • Data is automatically recorded by the safe driving data collecting device

  • Selecting and analyzing key elements of safe driving diagnosis

  • Big Data analysis of driving habits/patterns by age groups/regions

  • Correlation analysis for safe driving

  • Automatically issuing safe driving stamps according to safe driving data

  • Smart service that automatically processes safe driving data

Biometric signal monitoring device

  • With the advancement of wireless communication technology and wearable device, development of technology to measure biometric information while not touching the human body and causing pain, all without user being aware of the measurement, has evolved into the phase of constructing daily health monitoring system.

  • In order to guarantee user's safety and convenience, it is essential to develop a biometrics signal monitoring device suitable for the usage environment, and it is already being developed in many countries.

2) Devices by sectors

Smart devices for vehicles

  • ICT convergence device for vehicles to provide driving convenience

  • Driver-specific cognitive enhancement technology

Wearable device

  • Measuring heart rate/temperature using commercially available wearable products

  • New device design utilizing enhanced wearable chips

  • Improving product design to enhance reliability of existing wearable devices

Indoor environment measurement device

  • Utilizing a variety of commercial sensors and wearable devices for evaluation in the indoor environment

  • Collecting and analyzing data on driver's physical condition changes according to the indoor condition factors of the vehicle

  • Diagnosing the effects of individual factors on the body (concentration, time, impact index, etc.)

  • Creating a measuring sensor and modularizing the key indoor environmental factors that affect the driver

  • Increasing reliability by continuously measuring changes in biometric signals depending on the driving environments of an actual act of driving

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