4-C. Deep Learning / AI Technology

  • Using Deep Learning technology for enhancing recognition of driver image centers and rapidly processing the big data obtained by measuring biometric signals based on images.

  • Securing sound quality through selection and self-evaluation of voice output (TTS) module and voice output information by utilizing design and verification technology of voice output(TTS) interface.

  • Developing and mounting devices that can produce HUD output of accurate driving information on the basis of communication module that ensures real-time information sharing between vehicle and user device.

  • Also developing speech recognition technology that can guarantee high recognition rate through speech recognition evaluation SW and connect direct calls even with white noises and other surrounding noises.

  • Using the technology already in place to secure information for the transportation- disadvantaged, a thorough upgrade of security and authentication technologies is also required.

  • Customized UI/UX-linked mobile services should also be prepared for various groups of transportation-disadvantaged, especially for the stability of the mobility-oriented society.

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