What does Carypto aim for?

  1. Not just automobiles, but mobility

  • The means of transportation expanding diversely

  • Multiple types of cars (vehicles with drivers vs. autonomous cars, regular powered vehicles vs. electric/hydrogen vehicles)*New concept cars (Connected cars, Smart cars)

  • New means of transportation (drones, electric bicycle)

  • Personal mobility (electric wheels, electric skateboards, electric kickboards)-Mobility, which embraces the meaning of multiple means of transportation is a needed alternative because there is a limit to covering a variety means of transportation by existing word of Car(Vehicle).-Carypto aims to become the world's first mobility platform based on all mobility

  • related data, including information about mobility devices such as cars, vehicle operation and maintenance, and the driving environment.

2. Based on Blockchain

  • low-cost dispersed blockchain systems instead of high-cost, centralized server systems

  • Provide open accessibility with a global mobility platform that is transparent and reliable

  • Innovative systems based on highly secure blockchain for protecting sensitive personal data

3. Big data for safe driving

  • Based on all data generated from vehicle production, sales, distribution, etc.

  • Information based on the life cycles of vehicles (production->drive->repair->disuse)-Analyze all the different kinds of mobility big data to build a safe driving model

4. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cutting-edge technology

  • Efficiently collect and analyze big data through advanced sensing technologies and smart devices

  • Consolidate and integrate distributed and fragmented mobility-data in all areas

  • Systems that analyze, diagnose and respond to mobility data in real time

5. Strengthening the social safety net (platform)

  • Blockchain Mobility Platform that serves pubic interests by sharing and opening data-Strengthening the social safety net by converging advanced technologies such as IoT and AI

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