The new cryptocurrency Crypto is a compound word of Car and Crypto and is an innovative platform for mobility social safety network based on blockchain.

Carypto Coin aims to be the world's first mobility platform based on all of diversely dispersed data related to mobility to vehicles, including automobiles (Driver's car, Connected car, Electric Vehicle, Autonomic Vehicle and Smart Car) and operations, and driving environments

It builds a new global mobility platform by providing innovative systems using highly distributed and secure blockchain technology, and the Eco Mobility Platform, based on the Carypto Coin, aims to provide an open accessibility to production, sales and distribution of automobiles from vehicle's entire cycle (production->drive->repair-disuse) and operation (acceleration, braking, turning), driver's health information (blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, etc.) and driving conditions in various forms.

Carypto is the first block-chain-based mobility platform to make the mobility world safer and more convenient for people around the world based on all mobility's 'safety-driven big data' and is the new "mobility system" to effectively collect, analyze and alert mobility through advanced sensing technologies and smart devices.

Carypto, a new blockchain-based mobility platform, will be a new benchmark striving towards a decentralized, dispersed, and innovative mobility system by using blockchain technology as a stepping stone to a new level of mobility innovations, rather than simply being a car system or another new cryptocurrency.

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