1. Single mode

In a single, the user mounts the NFT transport and then moves it to obtain the token. CW is required to obtain the CART token. 1CW is obtained only after the user has acquired the NFT means of transport.

To proceed with single mode, select the NFT transportation you want and press Start.

The user must see the status of the move at the top of the screen. If not displayed, the CART token cannot be obtained.

If the app detects a weak GPS/Internet signal or the user does not move for more than a minute, a stop is displayed.

If there is no movement, the CART token is not accumulated, and the user may lose only CW depending on the situation.

GPS signal: white - no GPS; red - GPS bad green - powerful GPS.

If CW is 0, the token cannot be obtained, the operation will be terminated, and the start button will be disabled.

The acquisition of CART will be paid for a 10-minute move based on four key factors (Gear, Suspension, Handle, and Exhaust).

Type of transport - The amount of basic CART token acquisition varies for each transport. Please check the transportation item area for each type of transportation.

Get Lucky Box

Randomly acquired when subtracting energy while moving in single mode. Items that can be obtained are parts and means of transportation.

The user has four lucky box slots. No acquisition is possible if there are no lucky box slots left.

When you receive the lucky box, you have to wait until the box is opened and the countdown starts automatically. After the countdown, you can open it.

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