Components and Roles of Carypto Platform

1. Carypto System Center

  • Collecting, analyzing, and diagnosing Big Data

  • Real-time monitoring

  • AI-based inference/recommendation of safe driving

  • API link with external partners

  • Safety operation modeling

2. dApp Service

  • Aggregating vehicle information/operation information (individual information is non- identifiable)

  • Providing integrated Mobi Data is to Carypto Platform-Payment of Carypto Coin

  • Service (risk alert, real-time monitoring, safe-driving diagnosis)-Blockchain driver's license

3. Carypto Coin

  • Purchasing a vehicle device

  • Making UBI Insurance Fee Payment (Part/All)

  • Paying vehicle maintenance fees

  • Purchasing vehicle accessories

  • Paying Carypto Rent-Car rental fee

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