What is a Carypto Platform?

A. Carypto eco Mobility Platform (CeM platform)

The m-Platform, based on the world's first blockchain-based mobility cryptocurrency Carypto Coin, is a convergence of smart devices, big data and services and through this platform, we will provide the world's fastest, most accurate mobility data while protecting personal data with transparency. Moreover, it will soon become a global mobility platform connected to external devices and devices such as C2C (Car to Car) and M2M (Machine to Machine) through IoT.

To improve the overall user experience through the CeM Platform, we will create cryptocurrency Carypto Coin that provides innovative financial services such as data delivery and compensation, e-payment, e-book and automatic settlement, and also a system that can automatically donate some of the service fees.

B. A model of innovation combined with the distribution and decentralized operating systems of big data

Instead of merely staying as a new payment or financial system, the new blockchain-based, mobility cryptocurrency is a revolutionary operating system that functions in democratic and rational ways where power and information are not concentrated on a few and

an era of great change for a new political system will begin where all the people can directly determine and develop platform policies and operations.

C. Features of Carypto eco Mobility (CeM) platform

  • A new combination of technology (smart devices, AI, big data) and human-centric services

  • Implementation of fully data-driven, automated system

  • Optimal platform for future mobility environments such as autonomous driving and AI vehicles

  • Establishment of a new community ecosystem for the mobility social safety net

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